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Domain 1: Security/Risk/Compliance Management

High level security overview. No cost assessment.


Domain 2: Asset/Infrastructure Management

Monitoring the following elements: Creation, deletion and modification of virtual machines, virtual networks and/or the entire virtualization infrastructure.


Domain 3: Logging & Monitoring of IT Operations

Monitor Azure and AWS IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS Various application monitoring templates. Infrastructure dependency mapping Visualize application dependencies


Domain 4: Cyber security & Incident Response

IT Security Managed monitoring Investigates security threats in a single pane of glass with detailed observability data: metrics, traces, logs, and more.


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Axiz Technology Services

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Axiz is launching its Technology Services offering. Building on accumulated technical expertise over its technology portfolio, Technology Services provides network and security monitoring, management and remedial services via a dedicated Network and Security Operations Centre (N-SOC).

Axiz has built up a strong implementation capability taking advantage of our pool of certified experts and our strong vendor relationships. We are now offering a portfolio of managed services around our network and security offerings. This will enable small and medium businesses to take advantage of enterprise-level network and security management services on a month-by-month or consumption basis.

Why choose Axiz Technology Services

Services have been easily accessed over the years by large companies leaving small and medium businesses struggling to gain services that are only provided on enterprise levels. Axiz Technology Services is about to change that. No matter the size of a business there are system integrators and a number of critical services in the modern world that are essential for all businesses to have access to.

As a partner, you will be able to provide a full service offering portfolio to your customers. These services can easily be sold with existing customers who have bought hardware from you and can be added to any future hardware sales that may occur. This creates a new revenue stream for your business.

As a customer, you will be able to receive services on an enterprise level on a month-by-month or consumption basis making it affordable and accessible for you and your business

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