A platform designed and built to reduce friction and absorb complexity for our vendors and partners,enhancing their value to their customers.

How axizdigital.com is driving digital business strategy

Multi-Vendor Markets

Transact in a unique marketplace across various products, services, vendors, locations and levels of complexity on a single pane of glass.

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Advanced Pricing System

Setup pricing for products and services your way and generate accurate quotes for partners and end-users on one platform.


Digital Services Engine

Configure exclusive services that compliment your offerings and expose them in our marketplace for partners and end-users to consume.


Open APIs

Exposed API endpoints enabling you to integrate our digital platform into your business systems.



What is axizdigital.com?

Multi-tiered Integration Layer

Architecture that transcends technology at scale in real time.

Customer Interface

A dashboard where end-users can interact with partner products and services on a white-labelled interface.

Partner Interface

A workbench for partners to create service and product offerings for end-users to consume on a white-labelled interface.

Vendor Markets

Transact in unique markets across various products, services, vendors, locations and levels of complexity on a single pane of glass.

Open API's

Leverage our existing endpoint integrations into your organisational systems.

Axiz ERP

Our platform is integrated to our ERP system to provide a single source of truth on all transactional data.

Vendor API

Partial to full integration with key vendors like Microsoft, Cisco and IBM.

Advanced Pricing System

Create your own pricing rules for your bespoke products and services and expose them in our Marketplace for your end-users to consume on demand.

Digital Service Engine

Configure your own unique offerings that complement products and services in our Marketplace.

Communication Management Engine

Controlled access to platform content and secure communications routing to relevant market partners.


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