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Axiz Digital Services is the internal team of digital architects and technologists working to build robust and dynamic company and partner enabling digital capabilities. This is achieved by digitally transforming vital business services for vendors, employees, partners and their end-customers, making every external touch point across the business a digitally optimized and architected user experience.

Digital Services achieves this creating protecting and creating new revenue through our self designed and developed digital platform. The design principle utilised in all digital transformation projects is to reduce complexity and absorb friction to enable the rapid development and value scalability of our technologies and services. The cross-disciplinary teams follow best practices and new techniques to enable digital transformation.

Digital Services enables partners and end-users to transact in a unique marketplace across various products, services, vendors, geolocations and levels of complexity on a single pane of glass. Over and above the transaction, ADS provides vendors and partner’s the ability to leverage existing endpoint integrations into their systems, building an end to end solution. Vendors and partners can create unique offerings for their customers that complement and/or mirror products and services on the marketplace whilst configuring their own pricing rules for bespoke offerings and solutions.


Axiz Field Services, formally known as Tricon Services and thereafter Axiz Services, is a hardware, software services and support company that operates in 30 countries on the African continent. The team simplifies and manages vendor and systems integrators deployment and post implementation maintenance support for clients and business partners to ensure optimum business continuity, systems performance and service level attainment. This includes:

  • Asset management
  • Client installation and maintenance support services
  • Effective and efficient parts logistics and services process integration
  • End user support with smart hands and eyes
  • Part stocking capabilities at our local offices
  • Specialising in client installations and maintenance support
  • Technical services & support
  • Vendor management
  • Warranty management and fulfilment

Field Services clients are mainly multi-national companies across a wide and diverse industry coverage, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Beverages
  • ICT
  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Oil and Petroleum
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Travel and Transport
  • Telecommunications


Axiz Technology Services has built a strong implementation capability leveraging the company’s pool of certified experts and strong vendor relationships. Technology Services comprises these accumulated technical expertise providing network and security monitoring, management and remedial services via a dedicated network and security operations centre (N-SOC).

Technology Services offers a portfolio of managed services around the Axiz owned network and security offerings, enabling small and medium businesses to take advantage of enterprise-level network and security management services on a monthly subscription or consumption basis.

Over the years, larges companies have demonstrated the capability to develop services, with small and medium businesses struggling to gain or develop enterprise grade services. Technology Services aids small and medium businesses compete by levelling the playing field. In a digital-enabled environment, there are a number of critical services that they require access to, despite the business size or complexity.

Enabled by Axiz’s Technology Services, partners are able to provide a full services portfolio to their customers without the insurmountable limitation of Capex investment. These services enable the partners to compliment, enhance or differentiate their existing portfolio to their customers, creating new revenue streams and business relevance for them.